Just hit 2k MMR with AAP

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  It ain't much, but I feel pretty good for someone who just started playing a month ago

  I see a lot of talk about AAP being dead, and I just wanted to say it's still possible to climb with it, just not with pure aquas

  My manager's axies

  Feel free to ask me anything! I'll do my best to share my knowledge

  Glad you asked! There's actually so many reasons that I can write a thesis on this but let me try to be as brief as I can.

  I used to position my axies the regular way like my manager taught me, with my plant in front and my Nimo aqua in the midline and the other one backline, but I ran into a lot of problems so I decided to experiment and I'm glad I did because it's been working wonders for me.

  I originally changed my Nimo aqua to the backline instead because my non-0 cost aqua was getting absolutely dumpstered by termis, which I ran into a lot when I was in a lower rank. I then started dumpstering them back by learning how to play against them with Dual Blade. This is how a typical termi matchup goes for me now

  I then realised that putting that guy behind is actually so much better against the beefy plants reptiles dusks that became more and more meta the higher I climbed since I'll still have access to Dual Blade to chew through them even late into the game.

  By splitting my positioning between my front aqua and plant, sometimes I get lucky with the 50/50 if the opponent's axies aren't positioned well and I win games I'm supposed to lose purely off that. Like here

  But that's only a small part. The split also means that if the opponent's axies aren't positioned correctly against my axies, then they won't be able to touch my axies that they have an advantage against. For example, if the enemy's beast is positioned in the top row, they won't be able to pump their damage into my plant which is on the bottom row, which they'd otherwise be able to do if my plant is in the front middle. I've won many games off my opponent being forced to use their beast damage on my aqua inefficiently, or bird/aqua damage on my plant.

  I get shield value. My aqua being exposed means when I'm being attacked, some of that damage gets negated by the shield I put up when I'm attacking anyway. Granted it's not much but it has actually made a difference in so many games, and sometimes the opponent doesn't account for that and end up undercommitting and leaving my aqua alive for another round which is huge.

  My aqua being exposed also means that when it takes damage and drops below full health, it gets to go first before other pure aquas. Don't even need to play goldfish or koi for that.

  My positioning DESTROYS double anemone bird lineups. No joke. I take their split positioning cheesiness and throw it right back at them. I'm something like 13-2 in my last 15 games against those teams, at this point it's like free SLP. I recorded some of my gameplay here if you'd like to see how. Long story short, I put my Dual Blade aqua in the same row as my plant because we're slower than pure aquas so that means when i'm attacking with them, the opponent doesn't get any heal value

  Some games my plant dies first, some games my aqua dies first. If that happens, I can use my plant to stall indefinitely and outplay opponents which I can't do with my aqua. I've run into so many opponents who get overconfident in a winning position and underplay and I end up winning from being down because I get so much value out of my plant which can brickwall and at the same time deal obscene amounts of damage with cactus hotbutt. Here's an example of this

  Honestly I can go on and on but I'll stop here. Let me end by showing you a game that I would definitely have lost if not for this positioning, and you'll get to see why it works so well for me (look how I get insane Nimo value late into the game)

  Edit: I made a draft video that briefly touches on why I position them like that, around 1 min into the vid

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