Land Gameplay Update (Dev Update Post)

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銆So many things affecting SLP price, with the low demand being the most prominent followed by the overarching crypto market (BTC) downtern preventing bullish movements short-term. When people are afraid, they dump their portfolio for stablecoins. That includes SLP which a lot of traders in Binance speculate on without having knowledge of SLP fundamentals. When traders are scared, they won't be bullish on SLP which hasn't been as attractive to them compared to new generation of Metaverse tokens or even AXS. At some point, with SLP moving below its area of value, traders will jump into it and I hope SLP miners such as us players, won't be too quick to sell.

銆銆their white paper didn't mean shit. there's a line in the whitepaper saying players can earn with free axies. and then they in october said we couldn't.

銆銆their tos didn't either. remember when they twisted it for their own benefits regarding bot use in breeding (1 millionth axie incident)

銆銆I’ve never seen that line you’re referring to, and I’ve read the white paper way before October. The only thing I remember reading was that free Axies would not earn, or if they did it would be very minimal compared to owning real Axies. They never said free Axies were guaranteed to earn. Bold of you to demand to earn on something you don’t invest in.

銆銆Regarding the bot use, ToS are subject to change, no one has the ability to cover all aspect that might be abused in the future. That change was for the good of the community, as bots winning breeding events clearly is not the way it’s intended. I don’t know why you’re so affected by it when you clearly aren’t part of the community.

銆銆nobody can tell that fam, we don't know how sustainable axie can be next year.

銆銆In the end you'll have to rely on your own instinct and not get dragged by the "HOPEFUL" woes of big players.

銆銆I mean all of us wants things to go through the distance but no one knows what the market will be months from now.


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