Petition to remove the 800 MMR rule

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銆銆Petition to remove the 800 MMR rule

Its there one? it would be interesting if someone does an official petition to see what people thing about it.


銆銆IMO, this change made the made worse , as it punished people who were aspiring and beggining the game, learning.

銆銆The bot excuse, sincerely they should find better ways to deal with bots. Ill not say more about this.

銆銆But yeah, i think we as a community should get together and ask Sky mavis to seriously reconsider this rule, as it is killing the game slowly.

銆銆I will agree especially when they implement stronger detections vs bots because I think those are harmful for the economy long term. No question.

銆銆I also agree the 800MMR rule is hurting real people more than it is hurting bot farms. This policy drove the floor price for Axies lower which should have been attractive to new people but the promise of earning NOTHING after dipping 800 MMR is a huge risk not many people would like to take. This forced scholarships to be more picky in onboarding non-gamers hence the pool of prospect DAUs has shrunk. Axie used to be more friendly to less sophisticated players. I don't like this at all. Would non-gamers still buy Axies? Not in this economy and not with this policy.

銆銆There are floor axies that are really worthless even before this 800 mmr rule while there are also decent axies at way way cheaper price because of this update. It hurts those that don't really have an experience in axie while increasing the benefit for those who are already good at it.

銆銆The way floor axies are priced now, I actually made a team that was able to reach 2k ELO for only 0.09 eth.

銆銆Is there any metrics on the change in slp minting rate after this rule?

銆銆If there is barely any change, then the rule was pointless, if there was a huge decrease maybe it works?

銆銆Besides I'd imagine people trying to game the system would happily keep moving bots to other accounts to bypass the 800mmr restriction if necessary which makes no sense honestly.

銆銆That's like locking the front door of the house and leaving the backdoor wide open.

銆銆Yep, I think the 800 rule is the culprit on why the SLP has been going downhill.

銆銆If they remove the 800 rule then people would start buying floor Axies again to earn atleast 75 SLP, if people start buying floor Axies then the prices of floor will go up. Then breeders will start breeding again because breeding a floor Axie will not be such a pain because prices are "fair"

銆銆Even if they did a x100 SLP on breeding but if nobody is breeding because of the fear of getting a floor Axie SLP will still be on a downhill trend.

銆銆People will say wait for land wait for battles V2 but we still don't really know what Land and battles V2 is. All just speculation.

銆銆I think bots can be handled if the do the puzzle thing everytime you click arena. Some people will say Hur Hur they have people in china who will do this. Them let them do it every arena. It's not like we stopped the bots because of the 800 MMR rule when they can just make a new Ronin account and bot on that new Ronin account at 1200mmr.

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