Even with the SLP price drop the average cost to breed an ax

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Even with the SLP price drop the average cost to breed an axie from 0/7 to 7/7 almost doubled. Good or bad news?

To me this shows we can only move a few ways:

  1. Axie prices will rise due to less breeding cancelling out the rise in breeding cost at some point. However, that also makes the game less accessible to new players.

  2. SLP or/and AXS will drop in price with SLP having more influence it’s more likely that will drop. Making the game less appealing to new players.

Am I missing something or is this change very bad news in disguise?

  1. It would be nice if that was the case but the game is not looking HOT for new players to come in and spend 2-3 grueling hours of arena-adventure for $4-$10.

  2. SLP will continue to drop and drop and drop, not much will be burning it for awhile because other people might just find other NFTs to play, thus no mass breeding, no burning of massive supply.

    I think the big issue with the change in SLP costs, is that it's too late. There's already so many axies, that the supply of axies is too high to be met. Shit axies will stay cheap, good axies will sell to vreak even or make razor profit, while not being as worthy to buy because of how competitive everyone's team is, due to the mmr requirement change.

    I don't ses SLP climbing until we see an axie burning method.

    銆銆When the cost you can sell them for is slightly lower than the average breeding costs. At the moment that's about $400. Which means you would need to be able to sell the average of ALL of the axies for that much, including the bad breeds.

    銆銆Which ones go for that much right now that you can easily breed?

    銆銆There are a few YouTubers that have breeding profit calculators, all of them paid, but the gist of it is, even now only people breeding boutique axies breed to 7. Most of the time 4-5 is the sensible limit. The effect on the SLP reserve will not be apparent super short term, I guess we will wait and see.

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