Why the Devs hasn't addressed this issue?

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  The damn SLP counter is bugged in both screens (Marketplace and In-Game) and I haven't seen ANYONE at all talking about it. I also think that should've been an emergency fix since some people (not all mind you) are so dull that they don't understand that this is a bug and start complaining and saying that we managers are stealing their hard earned SLP. MY DUDE THAT'S A BUG.

  I believe it is misleading, annoying and lowkey stressful when you're a manager and have a bunch of scholars who can't understand a damn explanation.

  P.S: I hate you undying plant.

  I'd drop scholars who can't understand why. Imagine, you are playing a game that needs a good understanding of cards, energy, gameplay, but can't understand that the counter is bugged.

  Yeah I'd just say "The counter is bugged, your slp has already been sent out." and if they don't understand that then they probably just don't know English.

  man relax lol… sometimes the counter tricks me too and I’m a manager. it’s okay for your scholars to ask any question at any time. I would hate for anyone to think I don’t know english cause I don’t fully understand their answer…?

  I already mentioned this over a week ago. You would expect something like this to be fixed immediately. They must be getting swamped with calls from people unable to claim what is supposedly in their account. What if the system starts showing less than you actually have? This is why I won’t invest extra money.

  If my scholars complain and say I am stealing from them, even after properly explaining the problem, I will show them the explorer logs and then remove them from the scholarship, I don't need that kind of drama.

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