Thoughts on the new patch and predicting meta?

Price Prediction admin

  What do you guys think about the nerfs and buffs this patch? It seems like some cards were conservatively changed similar to previous seasons as to not drastically hurt people's investments. What do you think will be the meta? Personally, I think Plants and non-terminator Reptiles are as strong as ever.

  I think Bidens is still a good card, its the highest shield card for a 0 cost. Hatsune and Hot butt should still be great, cottontail is not bad too, but maybe replacing the back for a Ivory Chop is ideal - good damage + shield with card draw potential

  Due to the Skill rebalance, I think Mechs will be more prevalent. Aside from crits they do more damage with Beast cards then Beasts and are naturally faster then Beasts.

  I've used my long-forgotten RIMP beast and it is looking pretty good to be honest. Mine has only the Mouth Nut Cracker with Cottontail but did fine - their survivability is greatly improved with a mediocre 30 shield from both Cottontail and Imp lols

  EDIT: mine is really mediocre (41 SPD pure beast)

  Almost all damage was slightly reduced because of the change to skill, the only unaffected class is Dawn I think and Mechs got a slight boost. Same for beasts except for the buff to Imp.

  Crit damage was reduced significantly on axies with low morale, one guy said his aqua's Ronin to plants fell from 177 to 144.

  I have a feeling that Clam Smash will be seeing more use, especially if more people built teams centered around Bugs, Beasts and Mechs. With the recent nerf of Shoal Star, I don’t really see the point of using it compared to the other horns aside from skipping Last Stand. It’s stats are only 110/10, which pales in comparison to Clam Smash’s 110/40 and Oranda’s higher damage capability and shield. Clam Smash also has the Risky Fish effect against Bugs, Beasts and Mechs on top of its good stats.

  I also think some of the other Bug cards like Pupae and Twin Needle will also see more use by virtue of being 0 cost cards with relatively high flat damage. They were already decent back then, but this upgrade just made them much better.

  The nerfs and buffs on some cards were unnecessary imo, or didn’t change much. Pure Aquas are already overshadowed by the superior Beast/Bug mixes like the Sandal Arco Nimo Aqua and they were still nerfed.


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