Axie gameplay is hella repetitive and predictable

Price Prediction admin

銆銆It came to a point for me that once I see my opponent's axies, I already know the result unless crits or stupidity happens.

銆銆Same axies and same cards are seen on pvp and the sequence is like a routine now. Gameplay is shallow and team comp dependent. Luck is just a small part now.

銆銆I dont know. maybe i just got tired of the gameplay.

銆銆Change my mind I guess?

銆銆I think a lot of the game is predicting what your opponent is going to do when. Do they get dealt a lot of plant cards early? Do they go for a backdoor turn 2? When do you bulk up your shield? Did you know they were going to attack that turn? Yes, you envision what the enemy team wants to do when the game starts but what they choose to do on every turn is anyone’s guess and your ability to predict what they will do is where the skill in the game comes from.

銆銆Yep. Couldnt have said it better. Maybe i just got tired of it coz i can't really try different team comps even if i want to.

銆銆My team is decent and currently at 1500 but playing the same cards against the same axies with same cards is just tiring tho

銆銆Try messing with some positioning and ordering your axies. I am always wondering where my beast should go or how many plants I should run. I’ve had some fun running double anemonie in the front with two plants in the back just to handle aquas.

銆銆I only got a meta plant, a termi and a pure damage bird (ill-omen,peace treaty, oranda, risky bird). I tried different positioning but the current one (bird>termi>plant) i the one i find to be most effective. I cant put the plant at the back coz termi is bad tank and i cant put termi on the back coz bird dies quickly at mid especially when beast tears the plant/termi immediately.

銆銆I wanna have some other cards but currently dont have the budget yet

銆銆Terminators are boring spam axies.

銆銆You don't get good at the game playing them because there is no real strategy beyond spamming the same cards.

銆銆I say this as a former owner. Yes, it's effective, but it's utterly brainless play.

銆銆The higher levels of MMR are more fun because both players predict what each other's moves are and you start mixing up the standard things (like beast kills the plant in round 2) so that it's not clear what you're going to do. There's also a bigger variety of team builds that are harder to guess how they play. Still lots of terminators.

銆銆The good thing about owning one is seeing how other players defeat it.

銆銆Otherwise, I sold mine now because they have to be nerfed.

銆銆I don't know that they will be, but they are being played all the way up to the top 10, and they're a nuisance.

銆銆If they get nerfed, their price is going to drop like a rock.

銆銆Keep that in mind.


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